Planning to gift a luxurious perfume to your beloved one? Time to look into the French aisle. The French are popularly known for their elegant style. And the world gets to experience it in the form of their sophisticated perfumes.

French perfumes are thoughtfully crafted upon understanding the body’s chemistry. These perfumes are an important accessory that women love to own. It is the top-tier gifting choice, especially when the receiver is your special one! To help you make the perfect choice, we’ve found the top three best perfumes for women. We assure you that your special someone will not be disappointed.

1.   For The Delightful One

If your beloved woman is into floral fragrances then she is bound to love La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum by Lancôme. It is one of the best French perfumes to gift on various special occasions. It leaves a breathtaking fragrance with notes of iris pallida, patchouli and vanilla.

Created by three world-renowned French perfumers, it can be worn for different occasions. Be it for the office or for a dinner date, this Lancôme perfume is the ultimate floral women’s fragrance to make a statement. The delicate curve, ‘The Crystal Smile’, designed inside the bottle adds to the special gifting experience.

2.   For The Romantic One

Do you wish to gift an irresistibly sensuous French perfume? Trésor Midnight Rose Eau De Parfum has to be the one! It is the best perfume for someone who loves a balanced combination of woody, floral and musk. This sophisticated yet enacting perfume boasts outstanding longevity.

This versatile scent is light enough for day time yet powerful for evening wear. It’s the one that would garner compliments from others every time. Additionally, the violet-hued bottle makes it an excellent gifting choice for special celebrations.

3.   For The Elegant One

Looking for the most luxurious French perfume for a woman? Then Lancôme Trésor Eau De Parfum is about to stun you! It is a romantic, sensual fragrance which is filled with the elegance of rose, muguet, lilac, and apricot blossom.

The perfume leaves an ever-lasting impression of elegance and joy. Further, the eye-catching, pyramidal bottle design makes it appear like a precious jewel. This is truly an ultimate Lancôme perfume to gift your special one!

Premium perfumes are definitely the best gifting choice. Shop them only on Lancôme India’s official website. While you are at it, do explore the wide variety of Lancôme’s perfumes and limited edition gift sets. Their products come packaged in a cute pink box, making them the perfect gifting option.