Hair – our crowning glory, isn’t it? Whether it’s to nail that big presentation at work or to add some oomph to a night out, we all enjoy giving our hair that extra touch. From beach waves to pin-straight sleekness, heat styling tools are our best friends. Yet, every time we straighten, curl or blow-dry, we inadvertently singe those precious strands. No wonder our hair sometimes screams for mercy! This is where the wonder of a leave-in hair serum swoops in. Want to style and protect? There’s a perfect potion for that.

 When one thinks of a premium hair care experience, Kérastase India undoubtedly pops into mind. As a stalwart in the hair industry, Kérastase blends expertise with innovation. A shining jewel in their crown? The Elixir Ultime range. It’s not just a hair serum; it’s an anti-frizz hair serum combined with a protective shield.

Let’s look at the two gems this range offers:

  1. Elixir Ultime L’Huile Originale Serum: Infused with precious marula oil, this hair serum provides an instant boost of hydration. Along with its nourishing properties, it also offers protection up to 230°C. So, if you use heat styling tools frequently, it’s a haven! This means your hair remains guarded while you achieve that impeccable look. Lastly, this shine serum also imparts a luminous glow.
  2. Elixir Ultime L’Huile Rose Serum: For those who have colour-treated hair, dealing with frizz can be frustrating. But this hair serum for frizzy hair works wonders in calming the unruliness, bestowing you with sleek, manageable hair that gleams with vibrancy. Enforced with the goodness of imperial tea extract, this hair serum is formulated for colour-treated hair and strengthens hair fibres while also offering heat protection up to 230 degrees. Infused with rose millenary extract, it leaves hair with a subtle, fragrant glow, making every day feel special.

5 Reasons to Embrace a Heat Protectant Serum

If you’re still struggling with why you need a heat-protectant serum, here are some reasons:

  1. Heat strips moisture, leading to brittle strands. A heat-protectant serum acts as a barrier, locking in hydration.
  2. As the name shine serum suggests, these serums leave hair with a glossy, salon-like finish.
  3. When hair is protected, styles hold longer and look fresher, making your efforts worthwhile.
  4. Over time, heat-damaged hair splits. A good serum minimises this, ensuring healthier ends.
  5. Love to switch between curly and straight? With a protective serum, switch styles without a second thought.

Our hair plays a pivotal role in our confidence and self-expression. As we ride the waves of trends and style choices, let’s ensure we do it right. Investing in a high-quality leave-in hair serum like those from the Elixir Ultime range of Kérastase India isn’t just about beauty – it’s about respecting and caring for our tresses. With the right products, you can indeed have the best of both worlds.